We adopt York frame structure into Large-sized CIP which is manufactured by EPSI Inc. for special requirement.

Powder materials for CIP forming (example)

  • Oxide ceramics, non-oxide ceramics
  • Refractory
  • Plastics, Teflon
  • Powder metallurgy (ferrous and nonferrous)
  • Graphite
  • Cemented carbide alloy
  • Porcelain and steatite

System features

  • Pressure vessel is made from forging low alloy steel by vacuum degassing process (mono-block).
  • Non-screw automated drive yoke frame system for vessel cover.
  • Auto-vent valve is mounted to top cover.
  • Pressure control is performed by advanced technology-intensive PLC and simple touch panel operation.
  • For pressure pump system, electric drive intensifier or triple plunger pump is adopted.
  • Low pressure feed pump makes it possible to feed and drain solution automatically and rapidly to and from the pressure vessel.
  • Long life and highly-reproducible decompression system
  • Adopts wear-resistant and reproducible trombone valves with an excellent decompression rate.

Standard specifications

Pressure vessel inside diameter 300 to1,000mm (50mm pitch)
Pressure vessel inside length Pressure vessel can have any desired length.
Maximum working pressure 100,150,200,300MPa

We would work on other specifications from a technical standpoint upon request。

Optional specifications

  • System including pressure vessel is installed in an underground pit or on the floor provided with an operation platform.
  • Data logging system
  • Hoist function added to top cover makes it easy unloading of CIP-processed sample with automated up-and-down motion.
  • Connection to customer's existing production line is possible. (Example: rubber molding cleaning/drying system, CIP-processed sample conveyor system)
  • Pressurization water recycle system by a special filter circuit
  • Decompression is performed by a proportional valve controlled by micro processor when pressure is 20 MPa or less.
  • We would work on other specifications from a technical standpoint upon request.
Model CIP200-800*2000Y
(200MPa,inside diameterφ800mm,inside length 2,000mm)
Model CIP200-650*1500Y
(200MPa,inside diameterφ650mm,inside length 1,500mm)
Model CIP150-800*4000Y
(150MPa,inside diameterφ800mm,inside length 4,000mm)
Model CIP100-800*1000Y
(100MPa,inside diameterφ800mm,inside length 1,000mm)
Model CIP50-800*3000D (50 MPa, an inside diameter of 800 mm, an inside length of 3,000 mm, with automatic loading system)

Large-sized CIP is manufactured by EPSI Inc.

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