We offer manufacturing systems that suite client needs and highly productive manufacturing equipment.

System configuration



Ceramic Green sheet gets thinner and denser in response to smaller in size and higher in performance of electronic components. Warm Isostatic Laminator provides reliable bonding with uniform pressure and temperature.

IC・LED・MEMS package

Each equipment works effectively for optimal cavity formation as below;
Simultaneous Green sheet punching by Hi-Puncher.
Highly accurate stacking by Hi-Stacker.
天天斗牛 Isostatic Press by Warm Isostatic Laminator and Dry-Laminator.

Large-sized substrates

Multiple pattern of large-sized substrates improves the productivity。 Hi-Puncher is effective for simultaneous punching。 Back-up Tape Laminator prevents sheet deformation by pasting reinforcing tape to Green sheet。

Film Lamination

Dry-Laminator prevents void during a functional film pasting. Adhesiveness is improved by simultaneous heating, pressurizing and pasting of the film.

Embedded Substrates

Warm Isostatic Laminator and Dry-Laminator enable simultaneous pressing multilayer substrates with embedded multiple passive components, and contribute to high productivity of small size/high performance substrate.

Demonstration room

天天斗牛Nikkiso offers total solutions from the proposal of materials to product evaluation to the development of most appropriate manufacturing equipment utilizing all of our accumulated experience and advanced unique technology。 We have a demonstration room at Higashi-Murayama Plant to carry out customer's sample test。

Evaluation equipment

  • Transverse strength measure
  • Length microscope
  • Surface roughness meter
  • Electronic balance
  • Viscometer
  • Stereo microscope
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